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The Piggy Education Hour | Mini Pig Pet Education

It is more important to understand the psychology & habits of your pet. Here we provide one hour class for the owners of piggies. Join now & learn more.

Understanding basic and training requirements of piggies and the psychology and behavior of pigs is critically important to having the best pet ever! All new owners of piggies will receive a one hour class on numerous topics. It is best to prepare for this class by reading the articles posted on this website and purchasing the recommended books. Any and all piggy questions will be answered during this session.


The following topics will be discussed during the class and supplemented with detailed written literature:

  • Basic Training
  • Continue to Litter Box Train your Piggy at home
  • Harness and Lead Training:
  • How to Begin Harness Training
  • Once you get the Harness on your Pig
  • Socialization and Trust
  • Piggy Psychology and techniques to ensure a well behaved piggy
  • Importance of trick training
  • Importance of harness training
  • Prevention of Spoiled Pig Syndrome
  • The Rooting Behavior
  • Common Mistakes of new Owners (and how to prevent them!)

and More!


New owners need to arrive wearing suitable shoes since we will walk through a field to view the parents of your new piggy. There are no surprises here! We will point out how you can tell our piggy parents are full grown (growth plates close when piggies turn 3 1/2 years old) and point out the parents of your new piggy.