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Teacup piggies sale

Welcome to the world of Squeals on Wheels, the Land of Little Pigs!

the #1 Trusted Breeder and Seller of Teacup Piggies in the U.s.

Please do not fill out this form unless you are planning to drive to the state of Maryland, near Washington DC -- We do not ship our piglets!

as seen on tv!

Our famous Piggies and Petting Zoo animals have been featured in popular TV shows INCLUDING: 

Animal Planet’s Too Cute! National Geographic! Ace of Cakes! Local News Channels and many more.

Just a FEW of the DOZENS of rare authentic Teacup "Mini/Micro" Piggies

available for adoption NOW:

Please do not fill out this form unless you are planning to drive to the state of Maryland, near Washington DC -- We do not ship our piglets!

Squeals On Wheels is one of the original breeder of miniature pigs also know as teacup pigs, micro pigs, and pocket pigs.

 This daily interaction with adults and children ensures they remain extremely friendly and very easy to handle. Squeals On Wheels , Land of Little Pigs prides itself on being one of the most responsible, trusted and transparent breeders of miniature pigs anywhere in the United States.

In what way are we a transparent breeder of piglets? We do not ship our piglets. Each and every potential owner of one of our piglets is required to:-

Attend our one hour piget education class and
Visit our petting zoo to see the piggy parents.

All of our piggy parents are available to see up close! – Our teacup micro mini pigs were added as part of our award winning traveling petting zoo for visitors to pet and cuddle and play with. However it soon became clear that these irresistible and incredibly intelligent little pigs made wonderful pets especially if potential owners attend our one hour piglet education class. It is imperative all future owners of our piglets clearly understand the psychology of raising a piglet! We often have micro pigs available so please check out our page to see how easy it is for you to own your very own Squeals On Wheels Land of Little Pigs miniature pet pig!

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Please fill out our Reservation Form to check availability, get a quote, or book a zoo! We will do our best to respond within 24-48 hours. 

For questions and info about our Petting Zoos: 

Phone: 301-765-0270



Where are you located?

Are you licensed and insured? 

What time do you arrive and when should my guests arrive?

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FIRST STEP FOR PIGLET ADOPTION is to fill out the Piglet Adoption FORM. This form will be the reviewed and you will receive an email response within 24 hours.

For questions and info about our Tiny Pigs:

Phone: 703-424-0494



Can you ship the piglet to me?

Do piglets get along with other animals?

What do I feed my piggy when I get home?

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