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Mini Pigs


Pigs can be superb pets. If our family did not believe this we would not breed them!  We have lots of happy customers who love the pigs that we have sold them and they would agree that they are great pets. These are people who have been shown how to take care of these animals properly and they have been given our good advice from the beginning. 

We will always be huge fans of the irresistible oriental miniature pot belly and Juliana painted pigs. We have had pigs as family pets for the past 10 years. We have found these special animals to be wonderful pets with a fun and quirky personality. Their personalities are highly entertaining! People who have not owned these wonderful pets are surprised to learn that these mini pigs are ranked as the planet’s 4th most intelligent animal.  Piggie owners, however, are surprised they don’t rank higher!  It is important to understand pig personalities before having one as a pet. Numerous excellent books have been written about understanding, training and managing these wonderful pets.

Mini pigs are easily litter box trained. Despite what many people hear, pigs do not like to be dirty. They keep their bathroom (litter box) completely separated from their eating and sleeping area.  They do not have a scent if neutered. They do not get fleas. They are wonderful for animal lovers who are allergic to cat or dog hair. They are a ‘hypo-allergenic’ pet! 

Most of what you think you know about miniature pot bellied pigs is probably false!  Well, maybe not everything – they really do ‘eat like pigs’.  They are clean, funny, personable, highly intelligent and affectionate creatures.